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Bobby Jarzombek

One of the best Metal drummers of our time, Iced Earth, Halford, Sebastian Bach!

Bobby's Official FB Site

Metal Mike

Brought the Metal God back to metal, founder of PainMuseum and has incredible solo releases!

Metal Mike's Official Site

Roy Z

One of the best metal producers on the planet, brought the Metal God back to Metal and saved Dickinson's metal solo career!

Roy Z's Official Site

Matt Barlow

Vox of Iced Earth!

Matt's Official FB Page

The vox of Judas Priest , Iced Earth and Charred Walls of the Damned

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Carla Harvey Butcher Babies

One half of the Butcher Babies front women!

Carla's Website link here

Heidi Sheppard

Butcher Babies co-lead singer!

Heidi Sheppard on facebook

KK Downing

KK Downing Steel Mill

KK Downing Steel Mill Link

Michael Kiske Helloween

Michael Kiske Helloween

Michael Kiske Link

Alissa White Gluz

The Vox of Arch Enemy.

Alissa's official FB page

Carlos Zema

Incredible metal vocalist!

Carlo's FB page

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