A few of our favorites

Kobra and the Lotus


Kobra and the Lotus fronted by Kobra Paige.  Check out Prevail 1 and Prevail 2 double CD, great song writing and power vocals by Kobra, we're big fans!

Arch Enemy


Big fans of Amott and his song writing abilities.  Alissa White Gluz, proves metal singers can be replaced and keep a strong metal band moving forward.  Angela Gossow is a metal legend in her own right too!

Metal Mike


Metal Mike helped bring the Metal God back to Metal.  Halford's Resurrection and Crucible release will go down in heavy metal history as the greatest metal CD's of all time.  Metal Mike's solo releases are equally as strong, metal fans need to check it out!

Five Finger Death Punch


The Metal God himself, Rob Halford guests on a FFDP track.  We continue to be impressed by their classic metal sound, clearly influenced by the Legends of Metal!

Iced Earth


Iced Earth simply continues to deliver powerful metal release after release.  Stu Block is as good a metal singer as metal fans can find, carrying the torch forward in the wake of Matt Barlow and Ripper Owens, both incredible metal singers in their own right!

Primal Fear


Simply a great power metal band from Germany!  If you have the chance to see them live, go check them out.  Mat Sinner is a Metal Legend and Ralf Scheepers one of the best vox in metal!